We Offer Pre-Listing Home Inspections In California:

As its name implies, a pre-listing home inspection is an inspection conducted before a home seller decides to put their home on the market. It provides the seller with valuable insight so they can take action accordingly and increase their chances of closing the deal successfully. 

Agoura Inspections & Construction Services boasts a well-coordinated team of experienced pre-listing inspectors with a long track record who will not let anything slip through the cracks. This has helped us grow into the go-to inspection company for property owners.

Once we complete your pre-listing home inspection, we will go over the findings with you with careful attention to detail and patience to answer any questions and address any concerns you may have. With our clients, we build trust through honesty and integrity. We are known among competitors and clients alike for our professionalism and affordability.

All our inspectors are highly qualified experts whose professional opinions you can have full confidence in each real estate transaction is a challenging ordeal in Moorpark CA, Beverly Hills CA, Los Angeles CA, San Fernando CA, Santa Barbara County, Santa Monica CA, Simi Valley CA, Thousand Oaks CA, and Ventura CA, but we are here to help you start things off without a hitch and spare you the headache that comes with the uncertainty of having to sit around and wait to hear what the buyer’s home inspection comes up with. 

With us on your side, you can not only prevent your home from losing value but also add to its curb appeal.

Pre-Listing Home Inspectors | Home Inspection Services

Most people are aware that home inspectors review houses for prospective buyers, but are you aware of how much money a pre-listing home inspection may save a home seller? The Pre-Listing house inspection is a significant indication of a seller’s good faith, demonstrating that their home was cared for and well-maintained. A seller’s house inspection also saves the home seller money by informing them of any severe flaws discovered with their home. We allow them to take more time shopping for bids for repairs and removing those items from the buyer’s punch list.

Pre Listing Inspection

You want the process of selling your home to be as quick and simple as possible. After all, the mortgage must still be paid each month, and even in a hot real estate market, any prospective home buyer will have the home examined before purchasing it from you.

If the buyer’s inspection reveals severe problems, the buyer will most likely want to negotiate a lower selling price on their terms. They can negotiate the price with their repair estimate, or possibly walk away, wasting your time and money. 

By placing the house inspection at the start of the sales process, sellers can simplify the deal by addressing potential surprises before they become major issues. 

The cost of the home and the information gained from the home inspection report will lead to more accurate expectations for both the seller and the buyer.

While we cannot propose contractors execute any of the repairs or provide price estimates for the fixes, we may assist you in prioritizing said fixes. After all, we know what matters to home buyers because we primarily serve them in Moorpark CA, Beverly Hills CA, Los Angeles CA, San Fernando CA, Santa Barbara County, Santa Monica CA, Simi Valley CA, Thousand Oaks CA, and Ventura CA.

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