One of the Best Structural Inspection Companies in Moor Park, CA

An average homeowner or commercial property owner does not typically know the physical condition of their property until something happens sudden damage, cracking of walls, etc. Occurrences like extreme weather, soil erosion, or subsidence can affect your property, both inside and out. Perhaps structural concerns have been raised by an inspector. Our structural inspection company allows the homeowner to take advantage of our certified structural inspection by allowing us to inspect and evaluate the structural conditions that are of concern.

With expert knowledge and effective communication, Agoura Inspections & Construction Services has been satisfying homeowners, sellers, buyers, attorneys, and other real estate professionals for years in Moorpark CA, Beverly Hills CA, Los Angeles CA, San Fernando CA, Santa Barbara County, Santa Monica CA, Simi Valley CA, Thousand Oaks CA, and Ventura CA. One of the best structural inspection companies provides sufficient detailed reports to identify a concern and provide the knowledge to cure it.

Most of the work that we perform for residential homeowners begins with an onsite engineering assessment. Our licensed structural inspectors make a site visit to the property. We survey the areas of concern and assess the severity of the structural problems in question.

Always keep your building in top condition with our thorough and reliable building structure inspections in California:

The construction of a new building is a stressful process. In today’s construction market, buildings are constructed faster. The superintendent cannot be everywhere at the same time. Things do get overlooked. New does not imply flawlessly. We perform prompt building structure inspections at each phase to help preserve your investment and sanity.

Our residential structural inspections are a vital tool for clients to show to their builders to request necessary improvements. The majority of builders are pleased with the findings and make the necessary improvements. It also benefits them in the long run.

Structural Inspection Service

We conduct on-site quality assurance inspections to assure the construction’s quality and integrity in Moorpark CA, Beverly Hills CA, Los Angeles CA, San Fernando CA, Santa Barbara County, Santa Monica CA, Simi Valley CA, Thousand Oaks CA, and Ventura CA. Throughout the construction cycle, a skilled professional provides documentation detailing home structural inspection. Along with providing direct feedback on individual craftsmanship, our field inspection reports notify the superintendent of any action that needs to be taken.

The average inspection time is four hours. We request that our clients and their agents attend the final 30 minutes of the inspection. The inspector will use graphics and simple language to explain their findings.

The contractor will try to explain the significance of each component in the larger structure, and you will simply nod your head to indicate that you understand. The contractor will, for the most part, acknowledge that you did not fully grasp the notion. But, you know, it’s simply too difficult to describe everything. Nevertheless, he’s a busy man with other responsibilities. Talk to our representative and we will tell you everything you need to know.

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